Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sample Sunday

Welcome to my very first #SampleSunday.

This short section is from Chapter 10 of my upcoming fantasy novel, THE CONVERTED. Felix Wulf is a Criminal Affairs agent tracking the protagonist Anton Springmann across the country, intending to bring him to justice. But Felix isn't known for his kindness.


*  *  *

Felix Wulf tapped his cane against the door of the law station. He rubbed a handkerchief over his face and it came away coated in sweat and dust. It was only just after dawn, and already the day was heating up. New Alania was just too hot. Why would anyone want to live here?

There was no reply from inside. Felix sighed and banged on the door with his fist. He was annoyed that he had to come all the way out to this little piss-puddle of a town. He couldn't even remember the name of it. Ivy something. He doubted ivy had ever grown within a hundred miles of this pathetic village. Still, it sounded like a solid lead. The man at the train station--the station closest to the devil attack--had a good story to tell. Felix smiled to himself. Devils. Bloodthirsty, vicious devils. These New Alanians were too superstitious for their own good. Felix played out the conversation with the man in his head again. The man's description of Springmann was perfect.

Felix was about to knock again when the door opened. A bloated peace officer with a moustache opened the door, his eyes crusted and blinking.

"Ah, good morning Officer," Felix said, smiling. "I trust I'm not disturbing you?"

The officer squinted out at the sun rising slowly over the mountains and grunted something noncommittal.

"I've been led to believe you might be able to help me with an inquiry I'm conducting," Felix said. "I'm looking for a friend of mine, a Torlander. About my height, dark hair, wears glasses. I believe you had him in your custody recently?"

The officer scowled. His hand dropped casually towards his revolver and he shouted into the station. "Hey, Lee. Got someone here you might be interested in talking to."

Another fat officer stepped into view, a shotgun dangling from his hand. The man's left cheek was a deep purple. Felix fixed him with a smile. Small town morons.

"This guy's friends with that fucker yesterday, the one making eyes at the squid," the first officer said.

Felix's mood brightened. A Skia. The man at the station hadn't mentioned that. Springmann always did have a soft spot for minorities. It was amusing, really, when you considered how he treated everyone else.

The bruised officer brought his shotgun to rest in both hands and strode towards Felix. "Oh yeah? That true, stranger?"

"I'm trying to track him down," Felix said, shifting his weight on the thin cane. "Do you happen to know where he went after he locked you fine gentlemen in your own cell?"

The officer shoved the barrel of his shotgun in Felix's face, his upper lip twitching. These New Alanians were so easy to antagonize. It was almost no fun.

"If you don't want a slug embedded in your ugly face, stranger, I suggest you scram."

Felix sighed. "I've come a long way, Officers. All I ask for is a little information."

The officer took a step forward. "I said get--"

Felix whipped his cane up and struck the man's right wrist. Bones cracked. The officer yelped. The shotgun dropped from his hands. Felix's cane was moving again before the shotgun hit the ground. He stabbed forwards into the man's neck. The officer's eyes bulged as his windpipe collapsed.

While his friend stumbled back, clutching his throat, the officer with the moustache yelled and drew his revolver. Felix's left hand flew out. He grabbed the man's gun hand and slammed the forearm against the door frame. The officer screamed as a bone in his forearm snapped.

Felix returned his cane to the ground and kicked at the man's kneecap with a heavy boot. There was an audible pop, and the officer collapsed to the ground. Tears of pain streamed down his face.

Felix squatted down, bringing himself face-to-face with the officer. The officer tried to scramble backwards, his broken arm flopping uselessly, but Felix snatched his collar and held him tight.

"You see your friend over there?" Felix said. "His windpipe is causing him some trouble. He won't be able to talk. So that just leaves you and me. We're going to have a little conversation."

Felix smiled at the man's fear.

*  *  *
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  1. Okay, that last line sent chills. Good excerpt. You converted me.

  2. Felix sounds like someone to be reckoned with!