Monday, 9 May 2011

FALSE GODS: 30,000 Words and a Word Cloud

To celebrate me hitting the 30k mark on my upcoming fantasy novel, FALSE GODS, I've made a Wordle cloud of the novel so far. Take a guess who the main characters are. (grin)

FALSE GODS is the tale of 14-year-old Khun and his older brother Monu, the last remaining members of the Osun, a race of tribesmen wiped out by the Rajenti. Forced into hiding among the Rajenti city-states, Khun and Monu scrape out a living on the streets, working where they can and stealing what they need to survive.
But to the Rajs, self-proclaimed gods of the Rajenti, the brothers are a threat. If an Osun breaks a bone, he is able to use the Os, a powerful magic that can manipulate matter to devastating effect. When Monu is captured by a Raj's soldiers and taken through the wild Interlands to the capital of the Rajenti Empire, Khun sets off in pursuit.
Hunted by enemies both horrifying and deadly, Khun will have to rely on his wits to rescue his brother. But there are many threats in the Interlands, and not all of them are human.
* * *
Below is the cover I'm currently working with. FALSE GODS is scheduled for release July 2011 on Kindle and all other ebook formats, followed by trade paperback. Stay tuned for updates.

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  1. Honestly I don't believe in science fiction if you can imagine an idea it becomes a thought that turns into spoken word which then becomes an experiment or research to pre existence to knowledge of it's existence past or present. A thought is never far from truth of being...