Tuesday, 10 May 2011

False Gods: Now a Nutritious Serial

So just after writing my last post, a thought struck me. An idea sent by my muse (a burly woman with a battle-axe) to deal with the endless struggle between writing a novel and posting useful and interesting stuff online.

Why not do both at the same time?

I've always believed that giving away content for free is a great way to get customers. Hell, I haven't ruled out the idea of uploading my novels on file-sharing sites frequented by pirates. Why not put my money where my mouth is?

So here we have the launch of my work-in-progress fantasy novel FALSE GODS as an online serial. New chapters will be added weekly or more often. I'll be posting the first draft of the novel, so don't expect it to be perfect, but hopefully it'll interest some readers wanting to get a taste of my work and give an insight into how I write my drafts. When the novel is finished, it will be published in ebook and trade paperback formats in all the usual channels.

The prologue and first three chapters are already online, so go check them out now. Make sure to subscribe by email or RSS feed so you don't miss a chapter.

Hypothetical Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So what's the catch?
A: There isn't one. I've put a donate button on the site if you feel like donating, but no pressure whatsoever. It's free!

Q: Why do you sound so proud of yourself? You know people have been doing this for hundreds of years, right?
A: Hey, stop being so mean, hypothetical question-asker. We can't all be as original as you. Besides, you can't copyright ideas, so "nyah".

Q: I read everything on the site and it was the GREATEST THING EVAR!!!1! Please please please can I give you more money?
A: See, that's a good hypothetical question. Well if you want to read more from me, why don't you think about picking up a copy of THE CONVERTED (or here at Smashwords)? Otherwise, the final ebook version of FALSE GODS is scheduled for release in late July, so mark that vague date on your calendars (or don't, I'm not going to check up on you...much).

All right, that's enough screwing around. I'd be forever grateful if you check it out and share it with your friends. And feel free to leave comments either on this blog or over at the serial.

Catch you guys next time.

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